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Our company practices the "Quality Management System" for the last 6 years. We were certified by TSE with TSE-ISO-EN-9001 in 1996 as the first company received this certification in the plastics sector. After the auditing by TSE, our Quality Management System is certified with the revised ISO 9001-2000, in 2002. The major commitment of our Quality Management Policy is to increase the customer satisfaction, improve the quality management systems continuously and maintain the reliable and trustable image of our brand in plastics industry. Our company is aware of that the most important element of the Quality Management System is human resource. Therefore the employees attend special training sessions every year to improve their and the company's overall performance. Research & Development activities are paid the most attention in order to maintain the high quality production and new product development for wider product portfolio. The Quality Management System starts in Design Process in EGEPLAST. For that reason, the ISO 9001 Model were preferred during our first application to TSE in 1996. In our company, the new product development requests and product improvement activities are evaluated as a "Project". The Research And Development Department is fully assigned for the design process. During this process the mechanical extrusion techniques are supported by AutoCAD R 14 Software and all new technologies are taken into consideration. Each Step of the Design Process is controlled and checked by Research and Development Department and related personnel. That is very important to avoid any possible problems that might occur during production process in the future. The changing factors such as usage purpose, the place to be used, life cycle, convenience, packaging are taken into consideration before the design is prepared. The process is followed until the product is manufactured completely and with zero defect. The products of EGEPLAST are in conformity with many National and International Standards including TSE and GOST.
Faba Dis Tic.Plastik Otom. San.Ltd.Sti; gives service at pvc pipe manufacturing and marketing sector. We are in the service of our valued customers with our machine park, technical facilities and expert staff since our foundation. Having the necessary staff and equipment to fulfill its commitments in a timely and complete manner, our company always aims to provide the best service and continuously improve customer satisfaction. Our company, which has a principle of being with the customer in case of any technical disruption, knowing that customer relations are not 'up to sale', but especially 'after sales', has proved its reliability with our customers. Pvc submersible pump column pipes and Pvc drilling pipes produced by our factory in Busan Organized Industrial Area are marketed across our country. It is marketed to Iraq, Iran, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Cyprus, Nigeria, Bosnia Herzegovina, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan as a result of abroad market studies besides our country. In our achievements, continuous market research and development, as well as timely product delivery, play an important role.
AKIN PLASTIK BORU SAN. A.S. aiming at manufacturing irrigation pipes for the Turkish farmers was established in 1977, and manufactured irrigation and sprinkler pipes and sold to the regional farmers. Its products are widespread all around Turkey in a short time.

Later on, Akin Plastik manufactured and provided Turkey with High Pressure PVC Drinking Water Pipes as the drinking water delivery and renewal projects started on in Turkey. Today, Akin Plastik, completed its historical establishment, and took its place in the industry with its modern and contemporary manufacturing style, and 225,000 m2 outdoors and 80,000 m2 indoors area.

Akin plastic carries out manufacturing under 3 basic categories:
1. Substructure pipes
2. Superstructure pipes
3. Agriculture group
Raw material processing capacity has been expanded to 100 Tons PVC and 120 Tons PE.

Hundreds of our dealers and contractors across Turkey are happy with our products. All types of our products are exported to various countries around the world and foreign currency income is provided for our country. The volume of export within the first 9 months of the year reached up to 15% of our manufacturing.

Akin Natural Gas Pipes are used in most of the cities that turned into natural gas distribution plants.

Besides, our door and window profile (Akapen brand) manufacturing, and Netto and Ladia brand fruit juices are on the way of becoming world known brands.

Our company will keep on investing, and manufacturing HDPE sewerage pipes, and flow rate and pressure controlled drip pipes aiming at using the water efficiently against global warming are included in our investment schedule. With its advanced technology, experienced and modern staff, and trained employees, our organization, in which true competition, human health and environmental factors are considered, customer satisfaction is of importance. In the EC harmonization process, Our company, in which constant improvement and product development principles are followed, keeps up working with an approach that will make Turkish Products a world brand that has the capacity to compete with other countries.
With 32 years of experience, OZDOGANPLAST, one of the leading plastic pipe producers in the sector, operates in three main business areas as superstructure, infrastructure and agricultural irrigation. With its advanced technology used in the production of plastic pipes, OZDOGAN PLAST constantly increases the quality service provided to its customers in the domestic market as well as in the international market. OZDOGANPLAST continues its production and other activities at Izmir Kemalpasa Organized Industrial Zone and Sanliurfa Organized Industrial Zone in total 20.000 sqm facilities. OZDOGANPLAST, which opened its second production facility in Sanliurfa to increase its production capacity, exports to more than 30 countries in the African, Balkans and Middle East markets. , OZDOGANPLAST, which invests and develops in manufacturing Technologies. OZDOGANPLAST produce HDPE Corrugated Pipes, Polyethylen Pipes, PVC Drainage Pipes and HDPE Telecommunication Data Pipes in Infrastructure field, PPR Hot/Cold Water Pipes in Sanitary field and Irrigation Pipes, Drip Irrigation Pipes and Valves in Agricultural Irrigation field. OZDOGANPLAST has been certified by ISO 9001:2008 System Quality and TSE (Turkish Standard Institute). OZDOGANPLAST continues to develop innovative products with the highest quality in order to satisfy it’s customers’ demands in abroad as well as in Turkey.